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  Donald Trump Presidential Campaign Announcement  CSPAN  June 16, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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my father has employed tens ofn
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he has the discernment to understand what the other party needs and then to get exactly what he wants. my father knows how to be a fierce opponent and also how to be a very loyal friend. when he comes to building bridges he can do so figuratively and has the rare ability to do so literally, on time and under budget. throughout his career my father has been repeatedly called upon by local and federal government to step in and save long stalled, grossly over budget public project whether it's building a skating rink in the heart of central park, meticulously restoring the exterior facade of grand central terminal and enabling the
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development of new york city's convention center, creating a championship public golf course for the city of new york, or redeveloping the iconic but totally under idealized old post office building on pennsylvania avenue in the heart of washington, d.c. my father succeeds time and time again where governor has failed before him. i consider myself fortunate to have learned from the best. both as an intrapreneur and as a parent. my father is a man who is deeply grounded in tradition. he raised my siblings and me to work hard and to strive for excellence in all that we do. he taught us that we have a responsibility to make a positive contribution to society. here today my father is, again leading me by example.
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my generation finds itself at a crossroads. our leadership has been éñuzxpu in bureaucracy of its own kraeization, and if we don't adapt politically and economically our country will be left behind. to address the many challenges we face, we don't need talk, we need action, and we need execution, we need somebody who is bold and independent, with a proven track record of successfully creating and building large and complex and complicated organizations, and in the process enabling many, many americans to better their lives. i can tell you that there is no better person than my father to have in your corner when you are facing tough opponents or making hard decisions. he is battle tested. he is a ki6ídreamer, but perhaps
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more importantly he is a doer. ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce+p to you today a man who i have loved and respected my entire 0uoplife my father donald j. trump. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ keep onojfl÷ rockin' in the free word ♪ ♪ keep on rockin' in the free world ♪ ♪yl+ 5ñz
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♪ wow. whoa. that is some group bñ of people. thousands. so nice, thank you very much. that's really nice. thank you. it's great to be at trump tower and it's great to be in the wonderful city of new york and it's an honor to have everybody here, and it's beyond everybody's expectations. there has been no crowd like this. some of the candidates, they went in and didn't know the air-conditioner didn't work and sweated like dogs and they didn't know the room was too big because they didn't have anybody there. how are theypux going to beat isis? i don't think it's going to happen. our country is in serious trouble.
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we don't have victories anymore. we used to have victories but we don't have them. when was the last time anybody saw us beating, let's say, china in a trade deal? they kill us. i beat china all the time. all the time. when did we beat japan at anything? they send their cars over by the millions, and what do we do? when was the last time you saw a chevrolet in tokyo? it doesn't exist, folks. they beat us all the time. when do we beat mexico at the border? they are laughing at us at our stupidity. now they are beating us economically. they are not our friend, believe me. but they are killing us economically.
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the u.s. has become a dumping ground for everybody else's problems. thank you. it's true. and these are the best and the finest. when mexico sends its people, they are not sending their best. they are not sending you. they are not sending you. they are sending people that have lots of problems and they arejvw bringing those problems to us they are bringing drugs and they are bringing crime, and their rapists and some are good people, and i speak to border guards and they tell us what we are getting. it only makes common sense. it only makes common 9ñ+bsense. they are not sending us the right people. it's coming all over south and latin america and it's coming
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probably from the middle east but we don't know because we have no protection and we have no competence we don't know what is happening and it has got to stop and it has to stop fast.?,r islamic terrorismr6ny is heating up!]4 large portions of the middle east and they become rich. i am in competition with them. they just built a%+>g hotel in syria. can you believe this? they built a hotel. when i build a hotel, i have to pay interest. they don't have to pay interest because they took the oil when we left iraq i said we should have taken. so now isis has the oil. what they don't have iran has, and in 19 -- i will tell you this, and i said it very strongly, years ago, i said --
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and i love the military and i want to have the strongest military we had and we need it more now than ever and i said don't hit iraq because you will totally destabilize the middle east and iran is going to take over the middle east and iran and somebody else will get the oil, and it turned out that iran is now taking over iraq. think of it, iran is taking over iraq. and they are taking it over big league. we spent $2 trillion in iraq.hbq!xm) 2$2 trillion. we lost thousands of lives, thousands in iraq. we have wounded soldiers that i love, i love, they are great all over the place. thousands and thousands of wounded soldiers, and we have nothing.
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we can't even go there. we have nothing. every time we give iraq equipment, the first time a bullet goes off in the air, they leave it. last week i read 2,300 humvee -- these are big vehicles, they were left behind for the enemy. you would say maybe two maybe four? 2,300 sophisticated vehicles they ran and the enemy took them. you're right. last quarter it was just announced our gross domestic product, a sign of strength, right? but not for us. it was below zero. whoever heard of this? it's never below zero. our labor participation rate was
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the worst since 1978 but think of it gdp below zero, horrible participation rate, and our real unemployment is 18 to 20%, and don't believe the 5.6. don't believe it. that's right. a loftt of people up there can't get jobs because china has theirxiy jobs and mexico has our ; jobs they all have our jobs but the real number is anywhere from 18 to 19 and maybe even 21%, and nobody talks about it. because it's a statistic that is full of nonsense. our enemies are getting stronger and stronger, and we as a
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country are getting weaker and even our nuclear arsenal doesn't work. it came out recently, they have equipment that is 30 years old and they don't know if it worked, and i thought it was horrible when it was broadcast on television, because boy does that send signals to putin and all of the other people that look at us and they say, that is a group of people, and that is a nation thatvt truly has no clue, they don't know what they are doing. they don't know what they are doing. we have a disaster called the big&çdz lie, obamacare. obamacare. yesterday it came out that costs are going for people up 29 39 49 and even 55%, and
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deductibles are through the roof. you have to be hit by a tractor,q. literally a tractor to use it because the$9 high it's virtually useless. it's a disaster.g=znv3d(rzrx and remember the $5q2p billionyzl7 website? $5 billion we sent on a website, and to this day it doesn't work. &háhp &hc% a $5 billion website. i have so many web sites, i have them all over the place, and i hire people and they do a website and it costs me $3. $5 billion website. [ audience chanting ] >> well, you need somebody, because politicians are all talk and no action.
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they will not bring us -- believe me -- to the promised land. they will not. as an example, i have been on the circuit making speeches and i hear my fellowm4s6 republicans, and they are wonderful people i like themd3t(t they all want me to support them they don't know how to bring it db7l5fx ñabout and they come up to my office and i am meeting with three of them in the next week, and they don't know -- are you running? are you could we have your support? what do we do?6ng0 how do we do it? i like them. and i hear their - they don't talk jobs and they don't talk china. when is the last time you heard china is killing us? they are devaluing the currency to a(í you wouldn't believe, and it makes it impossible for our companies to compete, impossible, they are killing us. but you don't hear that from everybody else. you don't hear it from everybody else. and i watch the speechesvd#pñ and
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-- thank you. i watch the speeches of these people, and they say the sun will rise, the moon will set, all sortslnrñ of wonderful things will happen and people are saying, what is going on? i just want a job. just geti6nme a job. i don't need the rhetoric. i want a job. and that's what is happening. and it's going to get worse, because remember, obamacare really kicks in in '16. 2016. obama would be out playing golf and he might be on one of my courses, and i would invite him and he would like to play, that's fine. i would love him to leave early and play, that would be a very good thing. but obamacare kicks in in 2016.
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really big league. it is going to be amazingly destructive. doctors are quitting. i have a friend who is a doctor and he said to me the other day, donald, i never saw anything like it. i have more accountants than i have nurses. it's a disaster. my patients are beside themselves, and they had a plan that was good and they have no plan now. we have to repeal obamacare, and it can be replaced with something much better for everybody. let it be for everybody. but much better and much less expensive for people and the government. we can do it.1d8%&7#b so i have watched the politicians and i dealt with them all my life. if you can't make a good deal
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with a politician, then there is something wrong with you. you are certainly not very good and that's what we have= representing us. they will never make ameri great again. they don't even have a chance. they are controlled fully -- they are controlled fully by thero5bñ lobbyists, by theós5: donors, and by the special interests,]>c fully. they control them. hey, i have lobbyist i have to tell you. i have lobbyist that can produce anything for me. they are great. but you know what? it won't happen. it won't happen. because we have to stop doing things for some people, and it's destroying our country and we have to stop and it has to stop now. now, our country needs -- our country needs a truly great
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leader, and we needl truly great leader now. we need a leader that wrote the art of the deal, and we need a leader that can bring jobs and back our manufacturing andj5 of our vets. our vets have been abandoned. and we also needx10 a9 you know when president obama wasq#'s elected, i said well the one thing i think he will do well i think he will be a great cheerleader for the country. i think he would be a great spirit. he was vibrant and young. i really thought he would be a great cheerleader. he is not a leader that's true you are right about that. but he wasn't a cheerleader.
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he is/ccñ actually a negative force. he has been a negative force. he was not a cheerleader. he was the opposite. we need somebody that can take the brand of the united states and make it great again. it's not great again. we need -- we need somebodyjru -- we need somebody that literally will0 take this country and make it great again. we can do that. and, i will tell you, i love my life, i have a wonderful family, and they are saying, dad you are going to do something that is going to be so tough. all of my life i have heard that a truly successful person, a really really÷ n successful person, and even modestly
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successful cannot run for public office. just can't happen. and yet that is the kind of mind-set that you need too< this country great again so ladies and gentlemen i am officially running for president of the united states and we are goingúirrñ make our country greatñ çs [ cheers ] [ applause ]5[ñ)]f] it can happen. our country has tremendous potential. we have tremendous people. we have people thatj+ aren't working. we have people that have no incentive to work, but they are
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going to have incentive to work, because theltg#p3ijut(uqáu socialqñ program is a job, and they will be proud and they willf( and make(/,f much more money than they ever would have made and going to be thriving as a country, thriving! it can happen.7v)xxkih>éldú i will be-edáj>%%9 from china and"sñg mexico and japan and so many places, and i will #vlai%9 ti our jobsbíñ andqpñ i will bring back our money. right now,; think of]í+ this wer1k$q china $1.3 trillion.yé'ñ1;0gñ we owe japan more than that. so they come in and they take our jobs and they take our money and then they loan us back the
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money and we paytu! interest and then the dollar goes up so their deal is even better. how stupid are'#cñ our leaders? how stupid are these politicians to al.á] this to happen. how stupid are they?[ i am going to tell you a cup kul stories- trade, and i am totally against the trade deal number one. our president(g/clue.x#ek he is a bad negotiator. he did bergdahl. we get bergdahl and weóuéget a s0h7i a. no-good traitor, and they get the fiv┘ people they wanted for years and those people are back on the battlefield now trying to kill
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us. that's the negotiator we have. take a look at theol deal he is making with iran.7p; he makes that deal, israel maybe won't exist very long. it's a disaster. we have to protect israel.r>x(s the problem with free trade is you need really talented people to negotiate for you. people, if you don't have great leadership, if you don't have people that know business and not just a political hack that got the job because he made a contribution to a campaign, which is the way all jobs are just about gotten, free trade terrible. fre1gáade can be wonderful if you have smart people, but we have people that are stupid.
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we have people that are controlled by special interests and it's just not going to work. here is aó happened recently. a friend of mine issrgmñ a great manufacturer. you know china0 they dump all their stuff and i buy it. s76f/uejeey because frankly, i have an obligation to buy it because they devalue their currency so brilliantly, and nobody thought they could do it again but with all our problems withl+ñé russia and all our problems with everything, everything, they got away with9ytx0=v it again. it's impossible for our people here to compete. so i want to tell you this story.x+ a friend of mine is a great manufacturer, and calls me u5 a few weeks ago, and he is very upset. i said what is your problem? he said i make greatfñ77 product. i said i know i know that because i buy the product. he said i can't get it into <
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china, and i sent a boat over and they sent it back and talked about environmental and sorts of crap that didn't have anything to do with it and i said does anybody know about this? he said, yeah they do it alló,q the time. i sent it back and they charged me a big tariff. they send it on trucks andrqásv they wanted boeing's secrets. i am not saying they are stupid. i like china. i just sold an apartment pk÷ for $15a]j million to am im!1h supposed to dislike them? i own a chunk of the bank of america building and very valuable, and i love china. the biggest bank in the world is
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from china. you know where their united states headquarters is located? in this building in trump tower. i love china. people say you don't like china. no, i love them. but their leaders are much smarter than our leaders and we can't sustain ourself with that. there is --v$ç it's like take the new england patriots and tom brady andiqãthem play your high school football team. that's the difference betweenûwb china's leaders and our leaders. they are ripping us. we are rebuilding china. we are rebuilding many countries. china, you go there now, roads bridges, schools, you never saw anything like it. they have bridges that make the george washington bridgemj/f look like small potatoes. they are all over the place. we have all the cards, but we don't know how to use them. we don't even know we have the cards because5%dr our leaders don't
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hfimq9 át game. we could turn off that spigot by charging them tax until they behave properly. now they are going militarily. they are building a military island in the middle of the south china sea. a military island. our country could never do that because we would have to get environmental clearance and the environmentalist wouldn't let -- we would never build in an ocean, and they built it in one year, a massive military port. they are building up their military to a point that is very scary, you have a problem with isis, you have a bigger problem with china. in my opinion the new china, believe it or not, the new china is terms of trade is mexico. i have another story. ford. so mexico takes a company a car
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company that was going to build in tennessee, rips it out, and everybody thought the deal was dead, and reported it in the wall street journal recently, and everybody thought it was a done deal, and it's going in and that's going to be it, going into tennessee. great state, great people. all of a sudden at the last moment, this big car manufacturer foreign announces they are not going to tennessee they are going to spend their billion in mexico instead. not good. now, ford announces a few weeks ago that ford is going to build a $2.5 billion car and truck andífo#ñdq parts manufacturing plant in mexico.0am#÷o]÷m $2.5 billion. it's going to be one of the largest in the world. ford. good company.ç$"cç so i announced that i am running for president.q
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i would, one of the early things i would do, probably before i even got in, and i wouldn't even use -- i have -- i know the smartest negotiators in the world. i know the good ones and bad ones and the overrated ones, and you have a lot that are overrated, and they get news stories and they are not good, and i know them, and believe mer8=ñ folks, we will do very, very well. very very well. i wouldn't even waste my time with this one, and i would call up the head of ford, who i know f. i was president, and i would say, congratulations i understand that you are building a nice $2.5 billion car factory in mexico, and that you are going to take your cars and sell them to the united states, zero tax, just flow them across the border, and you say to yourself how does that help us, right?
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where is that gjgood? it's not. so i would say, congratulations, that's the good news. let me give you the bad news. every car and every truck and every part manufactured in this plant that comes across thexérñ border we're going to charge you a 35% tax. okay? and that tax is going to be paid simultaneously with the transaction, and that's it. now, here is what is going to happen. if it's not me in the position, it's one of these politicians that we are running against the 400 people that we are dealing with and they are not so stupid and they know it's not a good thing, and they may be upset about it, and then they are going to get a call from the donors or probably the lobbyist for ford and say you can't do that to ford because ford takes care of me and i take care of
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you, and you can't do that to ford. guess what? no problem they are going to build in mexico and take away thousands of jobs and it's very bad for us. so under president trump, here is what would happen. the head of ford will call me back i would say within an hour after i told them the bad news, and he could be cool and maybe the next day, and he will beg for a little while and i will say no interests. and he will call political people, and i will say no interests, because i don't need anybody's money, and it's nice i don't use lobbyists or donors, i don't really care. i am really rich. i will show you that in a second. by the way i am not even saying that in a bragging way, that's
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the kind of mind-set, the kind of thinking you need for this country, because we have to make the country rich, and it sounds crass, and some people say, that sounds crass. it's not crass. we have $18 trillion in debt and nothing but problems and we have a military that needs w equipment all over the place and nuclear weapons obsolete, and >y nothing and social security that is going to be destroyed if somebody like me doesn't bring money into the country, and all these other people want to cut the hell out of it and i am not going to cut it at all and i am going to bring money in and we are going to save it. here is what is going to ehappen. after i am called by 30 friends of mine that contributed to different campaigns after i am called by all of the special interests and by the donors and by the lobbyists, and they have zero chance at convincing me, zero, i will get a call the next day from the head of ford, and they will say please reconsider
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and i will say no, and he will say, mr. president, we have decided to move the plant back to the united states and we are not going to build it in mexico. that's it. they have no choice. they have no choice. there are hundreds of things like that. i will give you another example. saudi ara+r they make $1 billion a day. $1 billion a day. i love the saudis. many are in this building. they make a billion a day, and whenever we have problems we send over the ships, and what are we doing? they have nothing but money. if the right person asked them they payx gñ rñ fortune. they wouldn't be there except for us. and believe me you look at the border with yemen, and you remember obama a year ago yemen was a great victory, and two weeks later the place was blown
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up, and they kept our equipment. they always keepgt our equipment. we ought to send used equipment right? we ought to send real junk, because we ought to send our surplus. we are always losing gorgeous brand-new stuff. look at the border with saudi arabia. do you really think these people are interested in yemen? saudi5 arabia without us is gone. they are gone.÷iíc and i am the one that made all of the right predictions about iraq. you know all of thesewp"+ politicians that i am running agaif#flv now, and it's so nice to say i am running as opposed to say if i run. i am running. all of the politicians i amrq/cf1 o running against now, they areá trying to disassociate -- you look at bush, it took him five days to answer the question on iraq and he didn't know, and rubio was unable to answer the
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question, is iraq a good thing or bad thing? he didn't know. he couldn't answer the question. how are these people going to lead us? how are we going to go back and make it great again? they don't have a clue. they can't lead us. they can't answer simple questions. saudi arabia is in big, big trouble. thanks to fracking and other things, the oil is all over the place, and i used to say it. there are ships at sea and this cíx during the worst crisis that were loaded up with oil, and the cartel kept the price up, because, then, they were smarter than our leaders. they were smarter than our leaders. there is so much wealth out there that can make our country rich=ç÷ z and therefore make it great again, because we need money. we are dying. we are dying. we need money. we have to do it. we need the right people.
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so ford will come back and they will all come back, and i will say this this is going to be an election in9 based on g#y competence. somebody said -- thank you, darlin'. somebody said to me, a very nice reporter, but mr. trump yo]+=e notv1l> a nice person. >> we don't need nice! >> that's true but i am. people that know me like me. does my family like me? i love my family. speaking of my family, ] h át did a great job. did she doñ4"? a great jsg jared, laura and eric i am very proud of my family. they are a great family.
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so the reporter said to me the other day, but mr. trump, you are not a nice person. how can you get people to vote for you? i said i don't know. i said i think that number one, i am a nice person and i give a lot of money away to charities and other things and i think i am actually a very nice person, but i said this is going to be an election that is based on competence, beca;¤ people are tired of these nice people and they are tired of being ripped off by everybody in the world and they are tired of spending more money on education than#7úcãany nation in the world per capita than any nation in the world, and we are 26th in the world, 25 countries are better than us in
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education, and we are becoming a third word country, because of our infrastructure and roads and everything. i said, you know what i will do. a lot of people said he will never run. number one he won't want to give up his lifestyle. they are right aboutku6q that but i am doing it. number two i am a private company, so nobody knows am worth. when you run, you have to announce and certify to all sorts of governmental authorities your net worth so i said, that's okay, i am proud of my net worth. i have done an amazing job. i started off in a small office with my father inr brooklyn and queens, and my father said -- i love my father, i learned soók@ much. he was a great negotiator. just sitting at his feet and playing with blocks and listening to him negotiating with subcontractors, and i learned a lot. he used to say, donald don't go
11:41 am
into manhattan, that's the big leagues, we don't know anything about that. and i said, dad i have to go into manhattan and build those big buildings and i have to do it. after four or five years in brooklyn, i ventured into deals, and i was responsibility for the convention center on the west side and i did a lot of great deals early and young, and now i am building all over the world and love what i am doing, and a lot of the pundits on television, he will never run because he is private and probably notñ] everybody thinks. so i said to myself you know, nobody is ever going to know really proud of my success. i really am. i have employed -- i have employed tens of thousands of
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people over my lifetime. that means medical andap means education. that means everything. so a large accounting firm, my accountants have been workingtñ for months because it's big and complex, and they put together a statement, a financial statement, and this is a summary, but everything will be filed eventually with the government, and we don't need extensions or anything, we will be filing it right on time. we don't need anything. it was even reported incorrectly yesterday, because they said he had assets of $9 billion, and i said, no that's the wrong number. that's the wrong number. not assets. so they put together this, and before i say it, i have to say this and it's real state and labor and union is good and some
11:43 am
bad and lots of people that aren't in unions and it's all over the place, and building all over the world and i have assets -- big accounting firm one of the most highly i respected, 9,240)x
11:44 am
liability, a net worth, after all debt and all expenses, the greatest assets trump tower bank of america building in san francisco, 40 wall street, and sometimes referred to as the trump building, right opposite new york state, many places all over the world so the total is $8,737,540,000. i am not doing that to drag and you know i don't have to brag. believe it or not i am doing that to say that that's the kind of t84 we need that thinking. we have the opposite thinking. we have losers. we have losers. we have people that don't have it. we haveo.ói people that are morally
11:45 am
corrupt. we have people that are selling this country down the drain. so i put together this statement, and the only reason i am telling you about it today is because we really do have to get going, because if we have another three or four years -- you know we are at $18 trillion now, and we are soon
11:46 am
various things very quickly. i would repeal and replace the big lie, obamacare.v6kk i would build a great wall, and nobody builds walls better than me, and i will build them very inexpensively, i will build a great big wall on our southern border and have mexico pay for that wall. mark my words. nobody would be tougher on isis than donald trump. nobody. i will find within our military i will find the general patten or i will find general macarthur, i will find the right guy. i will find the guy that is going to take that military and make it really work. nobody, nobody will be pushing us around. i will stop iran from getting nuclear weapons. we won't be using a man like
11:47 am
secretary kerry that has absolutely no concept of negotiation whose making a horrible and laughable deal, who is just being tapped along as they make weapons right now, and then goes into a bicycle race at 72 years old and falls and breaks his leg. i won't be doing that. i promise i will never be in a bicycle race. that i can tell you. i will immediately terminate president obama's illegal executive order on immigration, immediately.ñóçñ fully support and back up the second amendment. now, it's very interesting. today i heard it. through stupidity in a very, very hard core prison interestingly named clinton two
11:48 am
vicious murderers two vicious people escaped and nobody knows where they are. and a woman was on television this morning and she said, you know, mr. trump, and she was telling other people, and i actually called her, and she said, you know mr. trump, i always was against guns. i didn't want guns. and now since this happened it's up in the prison area, my husband and i are finally in agreement, because he wanted the guns, and we now have a gun on every table and we are ready to start shooting. i said very interesting. so protect the second amendment. end common core. common core should -- it's a disaster. bush's totally in favor of common core, and i don't see how he could possibly get the
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nomination, and he is in favor of immigration and common core, and how can you vote for this guy? you can't do it. education has to be local. rebuild the country's infrastructure. nobody can do that like me. believe me. it will be done on time, on budget, and way below cost and way below what anybody thought. i look at the roads being built all over the country, and i say i can build those things for one-third. what they do is unbelievable how bad. the old post office we are converting it into one of the world's greatest hotels one of the best in washington, d.c., and we got it from the general services administration in washington. the obama administration. we got it. it was the most highly sought after -- or one of them, but i think the most highly sought after project in the history of
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general services. we got it. people were shocked trump got it. i got it for good reasons. we had a good plan andthird. we had a greatkññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññínlx'] $ 40ét9)toáá9dt%á terrific people and talentq"9v people, they wanted to do a great job and they want to make sure it got built. so we have to rebuild our infrastructure our bridges, roadways and airports. you come into la guardia airport and it is like a third world country. you look at the patches and 40-year-old floor they throw down asphalt. you look at these airports, we are like a third world country. and i come in from china and qatar and from different places and they have the most incredible airports in the world. you come to this country and you have lax disaster. you have all of these disastrous
11:51 am
airports. we have to rebuild our infrastructure. save medicare medicaid and social security without cuts. have to do it. get rid of the fraud. get rid of the waste and abuse but save it. people have been paying it for years and now many candidates want to cut it. you save it by making the united states, by making us rich again by taking back all of the money that is being lost. renegotiate our foreign trade deals. reduce our $18 trillion in debt because believe me we're in a bubble. we have artificially low interest rates. we have a stock market that has been good to me but i hate to see what is happening. we have a stock market that is so bloated. be careful of a bubble because what you have seen in the past
11:52 am
might be small"b" potatoes compared to what happens. be very very careful. strengthen our military and take#+qare of our vets so, so important. sadly, the american dream is dead. but if i get elected president i will bring it back÷x7k bigger and better and stronger than ever before and we will make america great again. thank you. thank you very much.
11:53 am
>> donald trump making his announcement at trump towers new york city. you can let us know what you think about donald trump's presidential announcement. and independents and all others use 202-748-8922 as introduced by his daughter ivanka here posing with members of his family. we'll get your thoughts. you can let us know what you
11:54 am
think about donald trump entering the 2016 presidential race becoming the 12th person to do so searching for the republican nomination. while we wait for your phone calls we take a look at tweets we have coming, one from c-span sayingewh donald trump's presidential announcement made. kelly o'donnell saying my father is the opposite of politically correct. we don't need talk we need action with a track record of building large complex organizatilz(d@tr(t&háhp &hc% he says he has released part of his financial information and that he will be releasing all of it very soon in some of his remarks here today. bridget is on the line. democrat. you are on the air. >> hi. >> what do you think about donald trump? >> caller: i don't think much of him. i think this is a clown show and
11:55 am
i just think that politics and business, people with money it is just crazy nowadays. i don't think he should be running. i think it is because he has so much money that he is running. >> who are youk terms of you're being a democrat do you know who you are interested 0 >> caller: most certainly(ñr hillary. >> we did hear from hillary. she entered the race, her campaign started officially on saturday. she made the announcement she would be seeking the democratic nomination a couple of months ago. donald trump announcing today that he also is getting into this race. we are taking your phone calls. you can let us know what you think about what you heard from donald trump. lebanon, tennessee, republican. @ hi adam. >> caller: how areóvcx you doing? >> pretty good. what do you 4ñ think about what you saw here? >> caller: i like what i saw. that's exactly what we need in this country, somebody that can be responsible and knows and understands how to rebuild infrastructure. we need somebody that
11:56 am
understands that most of our policies are garbage right now and that.@!ñ areamqplj world stage. i actually appreciate a guy like this coming on. i know that a lot of people look to take him as a joke because of tv shows. at the end of the day we need somebody withyp that knows how to operate knows how to utilize people in the proper way and can get the job done. it seems like he is not scared to do anything. that's what we need. i think he is going to be honest about it. that is my biggest thing. you can hear his honesty in his voice. he knows things are messed up and we .j;>> to fix it. i appreciate that. i have been listening to hillary and all of the candidates that are out right now. if you listen to some of the democratic nominees that we have right now i think it will be more of the same. some republican candidates do
11:57 am
more of the same. we don't need the same. if we do the same thing we have been doing for the past eight, ten, 12 years we will be in the worst position than now. it is a joke at this point. we need fresh blood and fresh guys with fresh ideas to fix this. >> thanks for the call. he mentioned his reality tv show. he announced he is not going to sign on to host that reality tv show anymore on nbc. nbc has said it's not sure according to election laws whether he can stay on as a producer if he runs. a question mark there but it sounds like he is not going to take part as the host of his reality tv show at this point. mark, port charlotte, florida on the line for independents and others. >> i thought hillary was going to be the one. i'm glad donald trump is running. i'm voting for donald trump. i wanted ross perot. i want a businessman.
11:58 am
i thought we would have to shut this country down and start it over again. we don't need a mob or anybody running the country. we need a businessman. everything he said is exactly what we need. i'm voting for trump. >> thanks for the call. on to georgia. tiffany is on the line, democrat. >> caller: we do not need trump. trump is a disaster. america cannot forget about the bankruptcy that he had. he is putting on a show. i would not vote for him for nothing in this world. we already have enough problems going on. we need fresh faces, new people. trump is only running because he has all this money. i agree with one of the previous callers. we do not need trump at all. he is just throwing a show. >> just out of curiosity who are you interested in for the presidential race so far? >> caller: hillary? no. we need younger people a new generation to bring in fresh things. all of this old stuff we need to
11:59 am
be out with the old and in with the new. >> take a look here at donald trump declaring that his $9 billion in assets as he reveals his 2016 plans. the "washington post" reporting here that the billionaire real estate mogul on tuesday would release a summary of his assets. the total is part of his likely entry into the race for the republican nomination. the two-page document to be published after he holds his political rally will provide valuation of hotels and other properties and outline of his debts. the details will provide one of the first looks at the worth of the real estate and television empire that the colorful has amassed, one whose value has been debated avidly. we are taking your calls and let us know what you think. join us online
12:00 pm
send us a tweet. jerry is in pacific palisades, california. you're on the line for independents and others. what do you think about donald trump? >> caller: i think it is refreshing that donald trump and carly fiorina are both running. whether they get the nomination or not at least we hear some truth. >> do you think nonpoliticians will tell truths? >> caller: well, they have a record. for crying out loud -- seriously, can you answer one simple question? what has hillary clinton accomplished outside of getting the name clinton? >> and for you the business people carly fiorina donald trump they have business records but will be able to be more truthful? >> caller: of course do you not